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Dr. Sam Robbins.


it’s important to discuss all of your risk factors with your healthcare provider including risk factors that you can change, like eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of physical activity, and quitting smoking. Controlling your cholesterol may be easier than you think, but it all starts with getting your cholesterol checked. It’s a quick and easy test. So if you’re due to have your levels checked or if you’ve never had them checked to make it a priority.

cholesterol has many benefits and it’s not your enemy sir or madam, Actually, low cholesterol is just as bad as high cholesterol levels.

however, there are certain foods that are really bad for you sir or madam, and can quickly increase your bad cholesterol levels and dramatically increase your risk for heart disease a stroke or a heart attack.

let’s begin with the five worse clinically proven high cholesterol foods that you must avoid now.

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