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So he big question is are there early warning signs of cancer?

In reality, most cancer has no symptoms initially, until the later stages and that is the problem with trying to identify cancer because a lot of the symptoms from cancer could be from a lot of other things like fatigue, for example, insomnia, those are two symptoms, so they could be caused by so many other things now there are some symptoms that could be cancer if they’re on a chronic nature and they just don’t go away and that would be a chronic sore throat, unhealing sores on your body, but again these things could be many other issues as well blood in the stool, blood in the urine, blood through your nose, but if you have blood coming from the stool that could be hemorrhoid if you have blood in the urine it could be a kidney stone if you have a bloody nose that could be just a sinus issue let’s say your sinuses are dry so there are other causes as well a persistent fever that just doesn’t go away means that your immune system is trying to fight something off, swollen glands, so if your glands just don’t resolve over a reasonable period of time that potentially could be one symptom of cancer.
but again, most of the time there are no symptoms for cancer, now the main thing is you don’t want to live in fear you don’t want to worry about doing our cancer do I not have cancer.

what you want to do is you want to actively and aggressively avoid cancer you want to prevent cancer by living healthily, there’s a couple of things you need to know about cancer.

number one: cancer lives on sugar it can also live on two different amino acids, those are building blocks – protein, glutamine, and glycine.

okay, now here’s the problem, these two amino acids are in pretty much every single food that you eat, so realize this, it’s not those amino acids that cause cancer, and so if you are healthy you don’t want to avoid those amino acids your food, the point I’m trying to make is that once you have cancer then you want to avoid those two amino acids, now how do you do that?

one way is intermittent fasting, that way you’re cutting down the frequency of consuming those amino acids and that will help, and also fasting, in general, is very good for preventing cancer, on that specific point if you’re healthy you don’t have to avoid these amino acids just to avoid this sugar.

so if you have cancer, what you could do is you could take all the essential amino acids and just avoid these too, because these two are non-essential you don’t need them.

in America, cancer is the second leading cause of death, so there are several preventative things that you can do to avoid cancer.

number one: get on a ketogenic diet reduce your carbs, avoid sugar right there you’re gonna starve cancer you tumors, for example, cannot live on ketones, so going on a ketogenic diet is gonna be a very very smart thing.

secondly, you want to avoid carcinogens things, that cause cancer that would be GMO foods, that would be radiation, that would be excessive diagnostic testing like cat scans for example or x-rays, the chemicals in the food start eating organic, there are so many things in our environment, that are carcinogens.

that you really need just to do two things, one is minimize damage control, start eating organic, and number two, consume foods that are anti-cancer, that actually dismantle through our enzymes, through our liver they’re called phase 1 phase 2 enzymes, that help to turn these poisons into harmless particles.

so if you consume a lot of these foods which I recommend in my eating plan it’s a healthy keto plan, and you do intermittent fasting you’re going to be in pretty good shape to minimize your potential risk of getting cancer so the main point.

thanks for reading.

sources of information: Dr.Berg

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