who doesn’t love sugar ?!!

The sweet crystalline carbohydrate seems to be everywhere and in everything but consuming too much of it can be detrimental to our health sugar-rich foods can be hard to avoid and some of the biggest culprits include syrups and soft drinks and cereals.

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according to the American heart association, the maximum amount of added sugar one should be consuming daily is 150 calories or 37.5 grams per day for men, and a 100 calories or 25 grams per day for women.

This amount is easily exceeded by drinking one can of coke.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that results when the pancreas cannot produce insulin (insulin is the hormone that maintains the normal blood sugar level) in sufficient quantity or when the body is unable to use the insulin that is produced effectively, as sugar begins to be present at abnormal rates in Blood, This is dangerous if not controlling blood sugar.

There are many factors behind diabetes, some of which can not be controlled as it is known, while others can be controlled.
The problem is that the signs of diabetes are similar to some other diseases. The danger here is that the patient ignores the warning signals sent by his body and does not take the diabetes treatment.

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Nearly two-thirds of patients don’t know they have diabetes, so dear readers should read the rest of the article (carefully) to help prevent diabetes, and avoid side effects if not taking medications and treating diabetes that can be very dangerous.
So if you notice, sir or madam, the “nine signs” that we’re going to talk about today, feel free to visit your diabetes doctor.

Now we will give you the most important ” nine signs ” of diabetes, which should not be ignored, although they seem simple in the first.

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