Top important foods that make your kidneys healthy and happy!

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understanding the kidneys:

looking at the functions and diseases associated with human kidneys the kidneys are almost irreplaceable organs that perform a function without which humans cannot survive our kidneys.

are essential organs that complete a wide range of tasks they remove excess water and toxins as urine regulate fluid and mineral levels and produce vitamin D for bone stabilization they maintain the body’s acid-base balance play a critical role in regulating blood pressure and produce vital hormones on average they measure 11 centimeters in length way around 120 to 200 grams and clean all the blood in the body around 300 times a day.

Did you know that an estimated 30 million people in the United States suffer from kidney disease? and 3 million people in the UK have Chronic Kidney Disease? So, Sir, Madam, please take good care of your kidneys.

We were talking about your eating habits. Breaking news: It kills your kidneys!

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Yes, you may be able to donate one, but the remaining kidneys are essential to your survival.

Let’s talk about 13 foods that make your college happy.

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( After you know the most foods that make your kidneys healthy and happy, we will introduce you to the “most important Destroying Your Kidneys To avoid it” )
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