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Want a troubling statistic?

Did you know that every week, over 3,000 Canadians are diagnosed with some form of cancer?
It’s not easy news to get.
It affects everyone around you and a few of the toughest times for the patient lies ahead.
But it doesn’t need to be this manner.

If people are well informed, having a healthy diet may be a good start, and avoiding cancer-causing foods may be a good addition.

many people are scared to go to chemotherapy when they learn they have cancer, The reason is that this treatment is grueling and puts the body through hell.

The first side effect is nausea and vomiting, this happens soon after the treatment starts, Another side effect is hair loss this is often why you people shave their heads before they begin the treatment.

It removes the element of shock because this symptom can occur within the primary few weeks of treatment.

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Sometimes healthy people find themselves with cancer, but this does not mean that people should eat what they don’t need and live an unhealthy lifestyle.

It has been proven that many nutritional factors have to do with cancer, It also turned out that obesity and diets cause 30-35% of deaths due to cancer, while physical inactivity causes 7% of the disease.

Eating a healthy diet that’s filled with nutrients won’t only improve your health but also will help reduce the danger of developing certain diseases like cancer.

Now, here are a few cancer-causing foods you should try to avoid in your diet.

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