What is food poisoning?

Food poisoning is a digestive infection due to the recent ingestion of food or water containing bacteria, parasites, viruses, poisons, or heavy metals (lead or mercury in particular).

It is often linked to consuming unusual or suspicious foods such as spoiled food, plants, or poisonous mushrooms and the consumption of “contaminated” agricultural products (fertilizers, pesticides, and other weedkillers).

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In certain cases, several people having consumed the same dish can be sick at the same time. One will speak of “Common Food Toxic-Infection” (TIAC), which must be the subject of a compulsory declaration by the Regional Health Agency. To consider measures to remove contaminated food batches.

Food poisoning can also occur in children, especially infants, even before food diversification with:

Consumption of water or contaminated infant milk.
When breastfeeding, if the mother has ingested contaminated food.

Now, how I can prevent food poisoning?

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