17 happy healthy food, makes the kidneys happy

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17 happy healthy food make your kidneys happy:

happy healthy food

1.Shiitake mushrooms:

We’re starting our happy healthy food list off stronger here, folks. You’ve most likely heard your classmate laughing about the name “shiitake” when you are a kid.

Yeah, it sounds different. Get over yourself while the name may be peculiar; the benefits this great food has on your kidneys is far from a joke.

Shiitake mushrooms are go-to sources for potassium. One of the kidney’s primary functions is to balance your bodily fluids, to do so efficiently, potassium is a necessity. However, if you’re a kidney patient, too much potassium can be detrimental to their state. Carrying around 304 mg, shiitake is an excellent choice to give your kidneys that well-needed potassium boost they deserve.

happy healthy food


We can’t have a list of happy healthy food without mentioning your all-time favorite vegetable… Put all kidding aside, did you know that 30 million U.S. adults have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease?

Another 1 and 2 American adults are currently at risk for developing it. While it may seem like just another bland food on your plate, your body uses cauliflower as a weapon to combat disease.

Due to its high concentration of fiber, cauliflower instantly aids your kidneys in the war against toxins. It’s a high quantity of vitamin C also helps reduce inflammation in the kidneys.

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